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ELONTech – European Law Observatory on New Technologies

Article “Law and New Technologies – A good start is to think about basic guidelines”, available here:

the European Parliament and Intercontinental Blockchain Conference

Tatiana Revoredo was invited to the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference at the European Parliament, one of the best Conference in its kind. High quality discussions and energetic representatives from 37 countries ! It was amazing to witness such amazing Panels. Blockchains and its financial and cultural impacts demand orientation and answers to complex and global questions that have little to do with personal talents, but more with the leadership of an ample debate around the principles and values shared by the majority of the countries and governments.

University of Oxford – Blockchain and Fintech Symposium

It’s a unique opportunity to talk and learn different views on the impact and future of #Blockchain technology withsuch incredible people as Nir Vulkan and MEP Eva A. Kaili .

Globo Prisma

Tatiana Revoredo speaked at Festival of entrepreneurship and innovation GloboNews Prisma at the Panel “Regulation of Cryptocurrencies” on May 5th, 2018

University of Oxford – Blockchain and Fintech Symposium

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