Blockchain Fitment

Developing programming working in a software engineers code tech applications on desk in office room.

Their design requirements, coupled with synergistic use cases and market acceptance, make many Blockchain Technologies and DLTs inadequate.

Your choice of technology should go beyond the most well-known platforms and networks, and also consider newer offerings that are appropriate to the characteristics of your business model, considering factors such as scalability, cybersecurity, and interoperability between networks.

Knowing how the entire blockchain space can route your data traffic, keeping it secure, with enough scalability to meet demand, enabling better communication is complex, and requires a case-by-case analysis.

It is in this sense that Global Strategy can help your business model, analyzing which Blockchain best fits the needs of your project, providing a seamless interconnection between Blockchains, DLTs, and between networks with legacy systems.

Care must also be taken to ensure that only the most critical components are kept in Blockchain. For example, keeping movie files on Blockchain is as unfeasible as putting medical records in the distributed book. The first due to speed restrictions and the second due to privacy concerns.

It is also the structure in which the bastion of your platform will be built. As a general rule, the fewer APIs, the more stable the system.

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