WEF – Word Economic Forum

48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
In addition to the WEF Annual Meeting, the Global Strategy went to Blockchain Beyond Earth at Davos.

World Web Forum

WORLDWEBFORUM is an annual thought-leadership movement in Zurich that attracts more than 1’500 guests, of which 85 percent of whom are C-level executives. Thanks to its deep relationships with opinion leaders in hubs around the globe and top global academia, WORLDWEBFORUM brings together the most forward-thinking business minds with the aim of inspiring the courage to drive change in the world.

the European Parliament

Tatiana Revoredo was invited to discuss about Blockchain applications and regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICOs with representatives from 37 countries.
The Intercontinental Blockchain Conference

European Law Observatory on New Technologies

Tatiana Revoredo had the honor of attending ELONtech-European Law Observatory on New Technologies CONFERENCE ON CONTRACT LAW AND SMART CONTRACTS online, along with the co-panelists and ELONTech Advisors Petos Kavassalis & MEP Eva Kaili, in Athens, and with the online connection of Alessandro Palombo de Zug. Alessandros Spyridonos, ELONTech Senior Legal Counsel was the moderator of this very interesting discussion! In her participation, Tatiana Revoredo spoke about “Smart contracts as a tool for Law”.

Globo News

Participation of Tatiana Revoredo in a lecture about the regulation of new technologies at the Globo News Festival Prisma Festival

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Fintech & Blockchain Symposium
Above, Tatiana Revoredo is with Professors David Shrier and Nir Vulcan.
Below, Teppo Felin (Professor of Strategy at the Saïd Business Schook), MEP Eva Kaili with Tatiana Revoredo.
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