Fabrícia Fedoci is an operations and management consultant, with experience in large and medium-sized multinational companies such as Pernambucanas, Cacau Show, Rodobens, among others, and operates in the retail and industrial sectors in Brazil and abroad. Has extensive knowledge in SAP / OTM management systems, ease in adapting management systems applied in companies. Has expertise in operational logistics restructuring, negotiation with suppliers, implementation of subsidiaries in other states and countries, implementation of KPIs and SLAs, budget management and cash flow.
With extensive experience in leading and developing teams focused on business processes and goals, she is passionate about applications of new technologies such as Big Data, IOT, Blockchain, that help companies make decisions. She acts as a mentor helping companies achieve success in Corporate Innovation.

Tatiana Revoredo is Blockchain Strategist by University of Oxford, and by MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently attending Cybersecurity at Harvard. She is Founding Member at the Oxford Blockchain Foundation, and Liaison at the European Law Observatory on New Technologies. Invited by the European Parliament for the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference, to discuss regulation and Blockchain applications, she is the author of several articles on Digital Transformation and New Technologies. Also, she participated in the largest worldwide events on new technologies such as World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, World Web Forum, Consensus, Fintech & Blockchain Symposium, among others.

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